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You can be too young ...

If you are anything close to normal then when you have your first child something clicks inside your head.

It's a very substantial switch that gives you a massive kick in the arse as you suddenly become very, very aware that you are now responsible for another person, that is 100% reliant on you. Not only that but that responsibility will run for probably about the same time that you've been on the planet.

It makes you very aware of the sacrifices that your own parents and your grandparents made before them to allow you to be in the position to take on that responsibility.

I think there is a strong argument for insisting that those that represent us in government should already have gone through that process.

There is advantage in the vitality and ambition of youth. It is a good thing to have. But for those that are going to make decisions that will affect the lives of our children, I'd like that vitality and ambition tempered with the caution that comes from wanting the very best for your children.

Before you join government you should be a parent.

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