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Smoke and Mirrors .....

The conflict in the middle East has an extremely complex history and current structure.

There are so many apsects and angles to it, that for the majority of us, it is impossible to fully understand.

We can't solve it.

However I think we need to stop supporting our politician's use of the conflict as a play thing. I think we need to stop ignoring the fact that we are exacerabating the problem by happily supporting the aggressors provided that they support either our excuse for military spending or our arms producers.

The two faced nature of our support for various regimes is embarrassing. Our condemnation of entire cultures while supporting others based on arguments which we appear happy to flip flop when convenient is the epitomy of our western politics's total lack of a moral compass.

We condem the Iranians because of apparent drone strikes on a merchant ship. All of our politicians stand up in front of the cameras and tell us how 'we' will not tolerate such acts of aggession.

Meanwhile we are quite happily ignoring all of the conflict in Yemen. There is no condemnation of the humanitarian crisis that we have there.

We abandon Afghanistan because a total baffoon decided that he could win more votes by declaring it. And we didn't have the balls nor the moral backbone to argue the case with that buffoon. It is shameful.

And now the man that the buffoon released from prison is going to run Afganistan.

The normal people in these countries are just like everyone else. They want to live their lives, have families, friends and they want a better place for their children to grow up in. Just like we do.

We need to be insisting to our various 'asshole' leaders that we do not want them supporting the aggressors. We want to stand again persecution no matter what financial 'deal' might be on the table. And, most importantly, we want individuals who use political power for personal gain to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No matter how embarrassing that might appear for us as a nation.

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