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Does anyone know a good stonemason ?

I've listened to the prophets; Banks, Hitchins, Einstein, Aurelius.. and loads of others alive and dead.

And then it came to me.. almost like a revelation. I mean it could have been a revelation. Some would even claim that it was... probably just stuff that I've made up, but maybe the word of the creator, the one true God.... Zilla.

I don't think these are intended as commandments. We've already established that the creator has already set the path. He's not going to be upset if we don't follow them. More there as set of guidelines that are probably a going to help us....... we only have the one planet.

The problem with a list is that the position on the list automatically gives the items a priority. This is not like that. This is much more like a scatter diagram built across a central long term premiss.

The one true creator, Zilla, has made it quite clear that we need to get off this rock...

So in no particular orders, Zilla's top tips... the devine ZTT.

. Educate yourself, educate your children, educate others.. all education is good.

. Don't do stuff that does not benefit others.

. Make the world better for your children, your friend's children and your neighbours children.

. Listen, to others. Learn from what they say.

. Trade fairly with your neighbour so that your trade will grow and strengthen the ties between you.

. Cherish the world that you are in. Leave it as you found it.

. Play nice

. Be healthy. Encourage others to be healthy. Ensure that your children will be healthy.

. Don't get fat while others have nothing.

. When you build, take time and care, be thoughtful and build to last.

. Mistakes are lessons. Learn from them. Making a mistake twice is dumb.

. Today should be a better day than yesterday, and tomorrow something to look forward to.

And one last foot note as we are all different.

Shun those that seek to put themselves above you, your family, your friends and your neighbour. We do need the benefits of those who are better skilled and better trained. We should be thankfull of their contribution and we need to encourage those with exceptional talent onwards and upwards. We will not survive without them.

But. Being smart, being creative, is not an excuse for being an asshole. We must understand and properly appreciate the efforts of everyone that contributes to our society.

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