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Why is my neighbour not worthy ?

I'm quite convinced that some of the motivation behind the Nationalist movement is significantly because of a dislike of the 'English'. We are being told that decisions made by politicians in this chamber....

Are significantly better than decisions made by politicians in this chamber....

And more importantly that decisions made in the Edinburgh centre for muppetry would be significantly better for Scottish people, than any decisions made in the London centre for muppetry.

What I don't understand, or rather seems to be contradictory, is that if these decisions are right for the fine people living in this area .....

Why are those fabulous decisions not applicable or beneficial for the equally fine people in this area?

There are massive historical links between the two areas. Families have always been close. Some properties straddle the two. The business, agriculture and the geography is very, very similar.

At one time they were the same area.

The people in the borders have far more in common with those in Northumberland than they do with those in the central belt or in the conurbations of Glasgow or Edinburgh.

So what really is the reason for carving out a particular chunk of the island that we all share? If you have great ideas and better strategies why are they only applicable to a particular segment of our society? And how are you deciding on the limits and boundaries of where the benefits of those strategies and ideas should lie?

The 'boundary' between Scotland and England is an imaginary line brought about by historical disputes between the Kings, Queens and high Lords of those times. They has nothing to do with the people of these islands.

We should remember that the union is for and among the people. It is not a union between Scotland and the Conservative party!! The map that our respective muppets refer to is know as the 'Political Map of the UK'. It is arbitrary and is really only there to allow them the opportunity of carving out their own little pockets of power.

We will not be better divided and I think we need to question closely the rationale behind the suggestion that we should consider an arbitrary division.

We should be cultivating and expanding the friendships that we have.

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