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Who does the Corona virus vote for ....

It does seem that there a small number of people who are a little more succeptible to the virus.

It does seem very apparent that the virus carries no racial prejudice.

It doesn't really discriminate against the colour of your skin, hair or even your car.

And I'm damn sure it does not give a fuck who you might be thinking of voting for.

But our politicians seem to be saying that they all understand the virus and are better placed to be dealing with the virus, than their opposition.

Their continual bickering over the subject.; their continual critisim of what has happened; their inability to be contructive in their critisim; is all just counter productive.

Our politicians just can't help themselves from trying to use any event as an opportunity for their own, and/or their parties gain.

With something like this the leadership should be working closely with all of the other representatives of the population of the country. In times like these, for incidents and crisis like this one, the solution is far, far more important than the politics.

Politics is limiting our ability to follow the critical path through this crisis.

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