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Updated: Sep 10, 2020

In recent months we have had a few incidents of unrest in the West. I can't help but feel that part of this is that 'idle hands are the devil's workshop'.

And I'm probably being elitist and dismissive but when I've watched protests in the past (in the UK) I often find myself asking 'don't these people have anything more constructive to do?' There is part of me that is feeling put out as they are protesting against the establishment that my hard earned tax dollars are supporting. Why are thy so unsure of their direction, or their part within society?

But there is more to it than this. The current political set up makes it almost impossible to know at any one time what the current goals are. And perhaps with us all locked down the nominally acceptable lack of leadership, that we all normally put up with, had cast us adrift to the extent that any 'cause' that offered a 'purpose' was better than having no direction at all, no matter how transient.

As a developed society we should really be able to identify and publicise a number of very simple medium and long term goals that we can all be involved in. After all, the ultimate goal, as given to us by the Creator, the God Zilla is a very long term goal and one which we are a long way from even being able to consider, but we should be able to find baby steps to take is in that direction.

I have a couple of points that I think are central and around which a lot of objectives could be structured.

Firstly is education. Too many have no education. Too many have indoctrination rather than education. For way too many the education available to them is not valued. For me, each and every problem that we face as a society, as a race, is simplified by every increment that we move the median of the bell curve of intellect to the right. It is probably the biggest and most important tool that we have to ensure the advance of humanity.

Secondly is population control. And I don't mean anything nasty or underhand, nothing that might involve jack boots and ovens. But we do have a burden of too many people on the planet. And we can't blame those that live in poverty and are faced with high rates of infant mortality for wanting to breed. But we would all be better off if the impulse to breed was reduced. If we were all confident of the longevity of our off-spring it would make a massive difference.

And lastly is purposeful communication. And I'd argue that this is probably a subset of the first point. We need people to be able to listen and to understand one another. We currently have a great deal of communication; through all the various parts of the media available to us, but as the quantity/volume has increased it does seem that the quality is rapidly diminishing.

A simple first long term goal should be that we want the future for our off spring to be better than our own. Let's start from there.

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