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What Zilla would expect of us .. (part ii)

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

So we know that we have to get off this rock at some point in the future. We know absolutely, although it is a long way off, that there is a definite end date to life on this insignificant speck of dust.

We are also pretty damn certain that there is nowhere nearby that we can run too. Nowhere that we could survive as we are, with what we have.

And I think the Creator has made it quite clear that it really is up to us to sort ourselves out.........He's busy elsewhere. He left the dinosaurs a very, very long time before wiping them off the face of his creation for not improving themselves.

So while we go through the inevitably complicated and lengthy process of developing ourselves and our technology to the extent that we have an alternative; this planet is our only option.

You could not be given a simpler nor clearer sign. This is not an obscure message written in an ancient text. This is a clarion call there for us all to see and respond to.

You've got one chance. You have one home. Don't fuck it up, there is no back up plan.

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