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If we are to survive as a species we need to actively pursue an objective of learning to live together. To do this we need to limit/reduce/remove conflict within our society.

There are two fundemental causes of conflict. There are many symptoms and currently the efforts towards reducing conflict globally are really just band aids on the open wounds of these symptoms. The root causes are not addressed because there are too many powerful individuals that benefit from the status quo.

Schopenhauer said 'Mankind is growing out of religion as out of its childhood clothes.' Wise words from a wise man, but he's been dead since 1860. This is the slowest striptease ever.

I do not dispute that many religious individuals have done good things motivated by their beliefs. But far too often religion is used to justify atrosity and oppression.

In a time of exponential opportunties offered by science we need to remove the manacles of religion. We don't need it and we would be better off without it.

The second fundemental is that our politics has evolved through the ages from an endless struggle for power. Kings and Queens, lords, barons, warlords... it doesn't matter the country the story is the same. A fight for control and to the winner the spoils.

Unfortunately we are still suffering under the remnants of the resultant structures of power. The motivation of those in power is prodominantly self interest, very often from individuals who are already extremely well placed.

There needs to be systematic change to our political systems to allow moral and pragmatic arguments to hold the sway. Those that govern should be motivated to look after those that they represent rather than themselves.

Tragically we live in a world where vast swathes of people live in abject poverty and without education. At the same time we have an ever increasing percentage of the population for whom eating to excess is damaging and shortening their lives. And, the real kicker, a very small number of people hold not only the majority of the wealth but also the power to ensure that this will not change.

Do not expect those in power to change or to give up that power. Power corrupts, there is a total lack of the required moral fibre .......

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