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What would Zilla expect of us.... (part i)

Most of the established religions have some kind of guide book for followers. Some of these are not overly clear. Some of them are pretty long and complex. And to be honest there does seem to be a substantial element of cherry picking and inferring required to get any positive doctrine from them.

With the one true (well no less true arguably than the others) creator, he who set the whole thing up and to whom we are most likely a barely remembered project, it is probably pretty easy to deduce what is expected of us.

We've been allowed to develop on our own. Left our own devices without interference within a system that is pretty hostile. We have done pretty well so far. But it should be pretty clear that with the example of the dinosaurs behind us it is pretty obvious that we are expected not to sit still. We are expected to improve, explore, develop and expand.

We're already aware of the cosmos. We have already worked out that our poor little spec of dust is pretty inconsequential and that it most definitely has a limited timeline. The Creator is far too busy to be sending us guide books, he's got an entire cosmos to look after, we've got to sort ourselves out. We have time but we need to find a way to get off this rock that we inhabit and to thrive on an entirely different scale.

We do have time but the first step is an enormous one. If we are to have any chance at all of making anything but the most insignificant ingress into the wider beyond we will have to learn to work together.

And there you have a clear message, an indisputable message from the creator, a lesson written within the splendor of his creation. We could and will achieve far more if can work together, no matter how small and insignificant we might be as individuals.

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