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We should not be accepting the levels of stupidity currently employed by our governments.

The United Kingdom, (obviously United is emphasised for comic affect), has four separate legislations. All of these have at some point have suggested that they are following the science.

But from the brief trawl through what they've put on public access there does seem to be four separate plans of attack when it comes to COVID19 management.

So same virus. Same science.

Arbitrary borders drawn for historical purposes, yet we have different rules on either sides of these lines?

The only reason for any of these differences is not down to science. It is down to political posturing and an inability for those in charge to be able negotiate a solution that would be best of us all..

It is tragic.

There are numerous webites that cover the virus numbers worldwide. The samples are probably big enough now that we can start to ignore the 'but theirs is different to ours' type of arguments.

It does seem that we are all heading towards a figure of around 1100 deaths for every million of population. All the precautions that we have and are taking are slowing the progress towards that figure and hopefully the timely distribution of the vaccines to those liable to join the list of unfortunates will put a ceiling on it. I hope so ...

But what is quite clear is that our current political system is not suitable for our modern day society and the individuals involved do not have the skill set required to make the kinds of decisions that we need to improve the future for our children.

We are enduring a time when politicians only strategy seems to be to divide us... it is most certainly their number one strategy.

If the one true creator, Zilla, had one question to ask us right now, it would be....'Why are you listening to these idiots!!?'

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