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We need to be consistent in our morality .....

There are a couple of similar things going on at the moment. There is the second impeachment in the United States...

And then there is the fish based 'face off' in Scotland.

What is striking in both cases, so blatantly in the first, and more discretely but still obvious in the second, is that for those involved in the 'trial' don't really give a shit about any aspects of truth, facts or evidence.

How can we possibly support a system that is so very obviously outside of the norm of society's morality?

The American system is so messed up that I can't imagine how they put it right. Here we at least have a chance. We have to realise that our top politicians are not incentivized by making our lives or, more importantly, those of our children better, they are only building their own personal power base.

Those of us outside of politics have to resist the compulsion to support the 'team'. Team blue or team red, or team blue and white. When we see wrong being done, or we get a sniff of corruption we need to insist that the right thing is done, no matter what colour of tie the criminal is wearing.

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