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We give them far too much credence .....

This stain on humanity .....

... has expended a great deal of energy claiming the COVID19 vaccines now becoming available are down to him.

He's claimed a lot of other things equally as false but this one is getting under the skin.

I'm not denying that he has not acknowledged the work of the scientists and technicians involved, but this self preening grand standing is quite vomit inducing. I honestly don't care that he might have had to sign the odd bit of emergency legislation to allow it to happen, because quite honestly the village idiot could do that.

We have our own examples.....

There is a little correlation with an earlier post. Politicians make decisions when there is limited uncertainty and a good level of agreement. Doing that allows them to be 'doing the right thing'. But the problem with that is that most of what they decide on would probably be done anyway.

They are never going to acknowledge that, never, but they are very happy to let us all believe that the decisions that they are making are all equivalent to those made by the likes of Churchill during the war.

It is just not true.

We, and our media watchdogs, need to be more aware of those who are behind the scenes doing the graft and be a little more reluctant to award credit to those at the top of the tree.

Politics needs to change to adopt much more of a management role. Working as a team toward goals that are to the betterment of our children. The right/left divide is antiquated and completely unnecessary. Its only purpose is to allow them something to fight about among themselves. It is a massive distraction from progress.

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