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This is just so frustrating.......

The below is a fine example of the kind of nonsense that is rife within the wider social media that is just so very, very counter productive.

There are a number of things that just muddy the waters here.

There is no source quoted. So we don't know the validity of the numbers. We are allowed to make assumptions of course. We're prodded towards assuming that these numbers have been published to make it look as someone is out there trying to put Scotland down.

There is no discussion. The thrust of the post is that these numbers are so obviously wrong that they must have been constructed with the sole purpose of 'putting Scotland down'. We should be angry and indignant.

But there is no comparative numbers offered. No reliable source with back up references to audit and perhaps give a rationale. Such numbers are a matter of public record but need to be detailed with time frames and with a list of included and excluded parameters. Politicians and pundits can manipulate the numbers all too easily. There has to be reference points.

If the numbers have been produced by an entity to try and diminish the Scottish argument then shame on them. But if that is the case then the reaction to such falsehood is just inflammatory and does nothing other than raise the level of aggression on both sides. It's saber rattling.

The disturbing thought would be that the whole thing has been contrived by those wanting to promote an independent Scotland. And unfortunately there is nothing within the post that counters the argument that it wasn't.

And lastly. Over 40% of the working population of Scotland works in the public sector, a far higher proportion than in other parts of the United Kingdom... what if the numbers are actually true?

The argument, 'it cannot be correct because I don't like it', is not a very good one.

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