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They don't trust us, perhaps because they can't be trusted.

Perhaps it is just that they cannot believe that anyone can act differently to the way that they do. They don't trust each other. They are happy to be less than honest with each other. Well, they are wrong. We, the normal hard working majority, are not like that.

It does seem that our politicians believe that none of us are capable of understanding anything and that none of us are able to follow simple instruction.

It is really quite offensive that on one hand they treat us like imbeciles and on the other they fully expect us to treat them with complete respect.

Perhaps I've been walking around in a bubble, but.......... I see people washing their hands. I see people using hand sanitizer. I see people giving way and letting people pass. I see social. distancing. I see people using masks. I've seen shops, bars and restaurants all taking sensible precautions.

Personally I believe that we would get much more compliance if we were to ask people to act responsibly rather than to try and give them endless changing guidelines on what they should do. Explain what the risks are. Explain what the options are to reduce the chances of spreading the infection. And then ask them to act responsibly and to take the precautions that they can to protect themselves, their families and the communities that they live in.

If you refuse to give people responsibility they will rarely go looking for it.

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