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There are so many smart people out there ....

I watched a short presentation on the internet this morning, the link is below. The gentleman was talking about how to speak so that people will listen. Nothing earth shattering or ground breaking but very well put together.

He did come up with two lists.





Excuses (Blamethrower)




Authenticity (standing in your own truth)


Love (wishing people well)

The first was a list of things that make us difficult to listen to, and the second what we all appreciate listening to.

He goes on to talk about aspects of vocalisation but I was struck by the two lists. Particularly in how the first list so effectively summarises so much of what I see from politicians and from some aspects of the media. I mean it must remind you of at least one dufus from recent politics!

And the second list is pretty much exactly what I think we should expect and be demanding from our politicians and other public servants.

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