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The silent majority need to be heard... apparently

It does seem that anyone that protests does come from a minority faction.

It does seem that politics, to an increasing extent, comes from either end of the political spectrum.

The vast majority of us really don't seem to say very much. I heard on a pod cast that the silent majority are only heard at the major elections. And, that the recent examples are the Brexit vote and the election of the only president to go full retard. (No one goes full retard!)

I'd like to suggest three reasons why the silent majority remains unheard.

Firstly. We're really busy. We go to work. We are taking responsibility for our families. We are building a life for our children and our communities. We're doing our absolute best to make the most of what we have within the constraints that we all live within. We are abiding by the law; we are taking the advice given to us.

Secondly. There is no spokesperson.

Thirdly, and probably most significantly. We're not very controversial. We are not extremist. We are willing to compromise. We listen. We are reasonable. It is the kind of behaviour/rhetoric that is really not going to sell papers or allow the pundits to bang their fists.

We are far more complex than the one dimensional political system that we currently have. In its current state none of the parties represent us. Choosing which party to 'support' is just an irritating routine that we all feel we have to involve ourselves in as part of our civic duty.

But if we were to be heard the one thing that would be heard is discontent. We are not represented; we are not understood; and we are thoroughly dismayed by the ineffectiveness of the politics prevailing currently.

The silent majority needs a vehicle that is capable of representing it. It will be almost impossible to attain this with the systems that we currently have.

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