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The only way is positioned to make the best of it.

During the first part of this century the world economy was strong. 2008 put a stop to that. Since then the global economy has crawled along. More locally, the UK economy has been on the back foot as we have argued over, voted on and then made our shambolic exit from the EU.

The last year has been a real kick in the teeth for the global economy. Covid19 has kicked everything down to rock bottom and has produced a massive increase in global debt.

There are parallels to be drawn with the global markets during the late fifties as the world climbed out of and away from the horrors of global warfare. It is not the same, no where near. That's not the point.

The point is that macro economics point towards an almost inevitable and extended recovery. There is a high probability that the next 10-12 years are ones of positive growth across the globe. It is over due, and once started, success breeds success.

Very, very importantly this has nothing to with politics. Politicians do, however, have the ability to make an absolute arse of the opportunity.

The UK is in a pretty good place. We are well toward the top of the immunization table and we are about the 7th largest economy in world. We also still have the advantages that we've had for so long geography and a language that almost everyone has access to. The advantage of having your own stock exchange, arguably one of the top four globally, is a lot more influential than you'd think.

It is absolutely vital that we tell our politicians that we need them to stop acting like spoiled children and start to play nice. We need grown up conversations between people that know how to listen to and learn from each other. They need to learn to compromise and adjust to find solutions that are the best for all of us and, much more importantly, for our children.

To be quite frank, if they can't, we'd be better off putting them all on a paid vacation for the next ten years.

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