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The Alliance for a For a Better Britain ....

I started with the Northern Alliance; and played around with the idea of National Alliance, but ultimately I don't want anything that someone can pick up on, in any way, as divisive.

There needs to be a political alternative to what we have currently.

There are primary considerations....

A conviction to a representation that reflects our diverse society.

An acceptance that we are all different.

A heart and head; a moral compass to temper a pragmatic economy.

Stoicism. Realism. Responsibility.

Transparency and honesty.

Debate, discusssion, compromise and consensus.

Accepting that society is in three dimensions, the linear right/left argument is of no use.

Salaried politicians (managers) that are working to set objectives.

Accountability of those managers. Get it wrong you're gone.

Decisions that are always brought back to 'will this make our future better.'

Health to be a medium, long term goal. Outside of politics.

Education to be for the sake of education. Outside of politics.

There are no free lunches.

And a very clear, simplistic and simple goal, to make a better future for our children.

Our government should be for all the people and geography counts. Move parliement to somewhere more central.

We need to have people that we want to look after our society rather than people who want to be politicians. We need to acknowledge that London is important but that it is no more important that anywhere else.

Please make it happen.....

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