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Social acceptability .... shame them

An idea from a colleague. Maybe we should employ people to wander the streets with a bell pointing people out who are not wearing masks and/or not acting responsibly. Robe, wimple and a bell.

I'd argue that we need a joint community response to whatever we are doing to fight the problem we face. Part of that should be an understanding that if you are not going to help with the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Perhaps part of wearing a mask should be that, no matter how effective it might be, you're wearing it because you are proactively supporting the national effort to combat the problem. There should be pride in doing the right thing.

We should all be actively praising those individuals who are helping. When some steps to one side; when they clean down your table; when they ask you to give you details for track and trace... say thank you, and, mean it.

Maybe there is an opportunity for a shaming industry. You could go around the various food stores and restaurants and take away the rotten fruit and veg and then sell it for people to throw at those who don't have the sense to act responsibly.....

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