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So conceited .....

With something so important why is it assumed that a politician is automatically qualified to negotiate a deal?

I heard today that one of the teams only qualification was from an apartment they bought in Chelsea.

I've spent an entire lifetime negotiating deals. All over the world. I've met many, many people who are emplyed to negotiate on behalf of corporations of all sorts of sizes.

There are a lot of people who do a reasonable job of negotiation. There are a few, just like in any other profession, who are very good at it. It is a bit of an art form.

At the very best, politicians debate. Mostly, unfortunately, they just argue. Which is a million miles from what is required for a successful negotiation.

And on top of their lack of the right skill sets for what is required there seems to be some belief that one political stance will be better at negotiating than another. Your political standpoint has no correlation at all to what you may or may not be able to do ..... on any topic/trade/job/profession.

We should not be shocked that we don't have a deal. Equally we should not imagine that any other group of politicians would have been anymore successful.

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