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A Manifesto for a better place to live.

I'm not a politician. I don't understand how the existing system can still be in place when it is so obviously not fit for purpose.

There is a lack of vision, an lack of communication and a disturbing lack of moral fortitude.

Why would the following not work for Scotland?

25 Year Goals :

To be consistently rated in the top three happiest nations in the world.

To have increased our measured GDP by 20%.

To have reduced our rate of obesity to less than 5%.

For our top three universities to be consistently rated as within the top 5% globally.

To have reduced the size and cost of our government by 50%.

To have increase the participation in team sports in schools to >50%.

Political parties continually boast about the amount of money they intend to spend on the NHS, as if this is a fabulous bonus. Is this just not another indication of how disconnected and unable to see the bigger picture our leaders are? We should be working to create a healthier society. If we have a healthier society we would actually need a smaller NHS.

If we have an objective regarding the NHS it should be that over the next two decades it should be reduced in size by 20% but increased in efficiency and effectiveness.

We are not going to make a better future for our children unless we start to invest properly in that future now. We need to remove the politics from our education system and let our teachers have the time and the resources to concentrate on providing an education for every child rather than an attempted training scheme for industry.

Within this education system we need to change the focus to include the development of our children's overal well being. We must have a curriculum that has physical activity as a central core rather than a peripheral interest. We have a burdgeoning distaster not that far ahead because we have out of control obesity within our country.

I'd want to see a smaller NHS but I fully acknowledge that in the immediate future what we currently have is not going to be able to cope with what is coming. We need to act now and we need to act strongly if we are not going to collapse under the burden.

We shut down the economy for more that 18 months to try and prevent the maybe 1 in 1000 that would die from Covid19. We're the fattest nation in Europe! I'd suggest now that employers be required to release their work force for at least three hours per week to allow them to take exercise. Further that those that do not then take exercise should have to pay a tax penalty. Those not working should be required to take part in exercise on a communial basis for a minimum of a couple of hours three times a week, but should be offered the chance to do more.

Politicians can't change our country. I'd be surprised if most of them could find their way across the street without a 9 year old to help them. If we are to change our society we need to involve the people in bettering themselves.

It is imperative that we acknowledge that we are not all the same. A degree in micro biology or some such is not possible for everyone, neither is it necessary. We must acknowledge that some of us are better suited for other alternative courses through life.

What is vital is that we create a society in which as many people as is possible are given the opportunity for a viable and worthwhile career. This is an extremely difficult task. It means that we, as a society, need to accept and appreciate functions that we might regard as menial are important and must be supported. Further we need to be promoting those industries that can make use of those that are less able and allow them to offer purposeful employment.

This is not just about subsidising agri/horticultral or a living wage. It is also about actively appreciating the efforts made to keep streets clean, parks tidy, animals well looked after, serving food, working on public transport etc etc. For this to happen we require a more inclusive society and that will come from a wider and better educated community.

We need more adults within our schools. More adults equates to more guidance, more assistance, more attention to the individuals that we are educating. More explanation of the importance of community and of the contributions of others.

I think we should re-route our overseas support. Lets stop supporting other countries with direct funding to their governments. If they are anything like as incompetent as ours this is just a massive waste. We should take this money and supplement it to create a 'Volunteer Force'. We should build a semi-military group that is highly trained and equipped to help out in hot spots around the world.

This could become a real asset to areas of famine and natural and man-made disasters and a fantastic opportunity for our young people to widen their horizons. It would be an important part of the process of creating a more caring and outward looking society.

Improving our financial position is not an easy task. Again, I don't see that our politicians are really going to be the source of the catalyst for a more productive society. Their continued focus on our water, whisky and oil, combined with their endless desire for confrontation with our neighbours is stifling our opportunities.

What we need again is investment as a society in the two cornerstones of an economy; trade and a quality and motivated work force.

We need to divert politics to diplomacy. We need to be building trading relationships with our neighbours. Concentrating initially with those who offer us the shortest possible logisitics chains. Why sell to anywhere if you have to put your product on a ship?

And, probably most importantly, we need to invest in our workforce. If we have spent time and effort on education we will have the basic commodity, but we need to ensure that it is optimal. We need colleges and universities to be pushing for higher and higher standards. It is vital that we concentrate not on the number of tertiary educated individuals that we produce but that these individuals are acknowledged as the forefront of their sector.

But this has to be reflected in what we'd call the trades too. We need to be striving towards a position where we are jusifiably proud of our tradesmen, craftsmen and artisans. This requires us to be more selective in our employment but also requires us to be much more thorough in finding what best suits each and every one of us.

Finally I think we need to augment our taxation system. As mentioned elsewhere, let's create a prosperity fund created by a tax band on those earning a great deal and on the very prosperous companies. But let's use that money to invest in pushing the upper limits of our society while ensuring that the rest of society is pulled along with the leading edge.

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