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Responsibility ... take some!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

In this time of extreme anxiety and ever increasing offense taken, a large part of the problems we have maybe caused by the lack of individuals' ability (or perhaps even a willingness) to take just a bit of responsibility for their actions.

There is a background dichotomy of an irritation at the coddling of the 'nanny State' and the continual whining about the lack of our government's intervention on/in 'insert current topic here'.

To me it does seem that it is all part of the ongoing nationwide avoidance of having or taking any personal responsibility.

There should be an acceptance that as individuals we need to be able to look after ourselves and that if make a decision, or decide on a path, then the consequences are ours.

An argument in extremis. If you decide to smoke; an action which is known to decrease life expectancy and to damage health, why should you be allowed unrestrained access to a health care system that is funded by all.

As an example..

I'm taken aback at the ease at which many individuals 'decide' that they will become parents. This is surely one of the most important and influential decisions that you can make during your lifetime. One that, not only will have a massive affect on your own life, but will have absolute and profound affects on the child.

We should be educating the masses so that they are able to make such a decision in a measured and sensible fashion. It should also be clear that the 'consequences' of such a decision are for those that made it and it is not acceptable that if it does not turn out the way you like it that it can be assumed that the State will step in and take over.

I'm irritated by the idea of an absentee father. Single mothers that struggle to bring up their child while the 'father' is off somewhere else with no consequence or responsibility.

In my opinion both parents have a responsibility for their offsprings' well being until that child is, at the very least, 21. If a father does not take up his responsibility then 25% of his post tax earnings should be taken from him and given over for the care of that child. And yes, in a very small number of cases this will mean that a father will lose all of their benefits and will end up homeless .... tough isn't it.

Parent's should be responsible for the education of their children. There is way too much expectation that this is a function of the education system. The state puts in place and society supports an education available for all. But for this to be effective individuals need to take that education. It is not a process of osmosis. You are not educated by being there, you are educated by proactively being engaged in the process.

Parent's have a duty of care to ensure that their children are in a position to take the education available to them. This might mean significant personal sacrifice in terms of time and finances to ensure that the children are properly motivated and supported throughout that process.

As a society we need to actively encourage the taking of responsibility. Part of that is ensuring that there are consequences ....

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