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Pyrrhic Victory

It is tough living in a country that seems to set upon ripping itself apart. We have so many recent examples of how destructive and diminishing these political driven divisions can be.

I love Scotland. I am proud of the people, the nation. The country is unique, glorious.. breathtaking.

I honestly don't give a stuff about independence. Take it or leave it. I am however, very, very committed to doing the right thing for our future. If independence was the right path it would be the obvious thing to do. We would not be divided about the question, we would have consensus.

Right now, is an awful time to be considering independence. For some it might feel that this is the optimum time to catch that goal, but the costs of doing it now are just overwhelming.

As we go into a period of global growth, the United Kingdom has to position itself to make the most of the coming opportunities. If Scotland choses to leave the rest of the UK will be consolidating its position. We're not going to get a lot of assistance from our closest neighbours.

And I wonder, what would Scotland's independence path mean for the fragile peace in Northern Ireland?

We have already limited our opportunities as the rest of the world sees Scotland's future as 'uncertain'. The best we could possibly do now would be for the Scottish politicians to come together and state that 'Now is not the time. We need a united nation before we can consider an Independent nation. Scotland will spend the next decade consolidating its position with its neighbours and trading partners. After that we will consider the best future for our children.'

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