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Other people's money...

This wonderful idea that we can have a nearly normal Christmas with reduced COVID restrictions is just flawed.

It is exactly what you'd expect from individuals who spend their entire existence deciding how to spend other people's money. A typical attitude of spend it now and wonder about where it is going to come from later.

I want so I shall have!!!

The ideas of affordability or, (mind blowing stuff alert!), saving is for other people.

If we want to meet up for Christmas, if we want to have familys together at Christmas then we should be making the efforts required for that to happen prior to the event.

We know the virus has a fourteen day incubation period.

About the 10th of December we need to start a massive, concerted fight against the virus. With the date firmly in mind we can make plans. Discuss with those who you intend to see at Christmas on how you are going to be as isolated and as safe as possible for the two weeks up to the big day.

Isolate if possible. Wear masks whenever there are others around. Wash hands. Sanitize anything/everything. Keep your distance. Stock up beforehand so that you go to the shops as little as possible. Work from home. Make sure that your Christmas group is conforming as best they possibly can. Avoid contact, make the sacrifice.

It makes no sense to knowingly go down a path where the route will almost certainly escalate the risk when, with a little effort, we could go down an alternative path that would minimise or avoid that risk.

We should not be listening to our politicians. And, at this time, we cannot tolerate their normally acceptable levels of incompetence.

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