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Oh you're pleasantly plump .....

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

There seems to be a lot of things that are not to be discussed. But some of these things not only need to be discussed we need to be putting them further up the list of things that need to be put right.

It does seem that the desire to not upset anyone at all is preventing us from facing issues that confront us, and/or to see past what 'must' be the problem because we will not have an open discussion.

We have way too many fat people. And an alarming number of fat children, very young children. On top of that we know a great deal of the problems that come with excess weight. This is not an acceptable part of our society. It must not be a permanent part of our future.

A very, very large percentage of those who have became critically ill and/or died through Covid were fat. It is unfair and just plain dumb that this should be down played on the basis of some kind of fear of being accused of 'fat shaming'.

It will take a massive amount of effort to reverse the situation from where it is now. So we should start soon, but we need to be prepared to acknowledge that it will make a very large percentage of the population feel uncomfortable.

Of course I'm talking from privileged position of a BMI less than 28 so maybe my opinion doesn't matter as I don't understand. Well maybe but I can see the very obvious correlations between education and fat; between earnings and fat; between privilege and fat... none of this is good in any way.

I'm sorry, I don't want to be mean, but it is not as if we are not aware. But we do need to actually sort our shit out. Giving a few quid to Band Aid should not make you feel that it is okay that you can't see your dick to pee.

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