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No representation without taxation ......

For as long as I can remember I've paid a bit less than half my income back to the state. Income tax plus national insurance. I'm well paid so my contribution should be higher than most.

It does distress me when you hear of reports of well paid individuals actively avoiding paying tax. Don't get me wrong. Finding a way to reduce your taxes so that you are being efficient is completely fine, but different to finding and exploiting a loophole.

Maximising pension contributions, saving through ISAs, payment to charity, etc, are all completely reasonable ...

But if you decide that your not really a person but a consultant working for a single purpose company based in a foreign country, but in fact you're a well paid footballer or celebrity, then it is not just the avoidance of tax that is so reprehensible, it's this level of avarice that requires you to have so much while being unwilling to support the society that you live within.

We should all have to pay income tax against a declared income that we live off. So fine, do it all through your company's books but you should have to declare the dividends etc that you are using to fund the lifestyle that you are enjoying. And whatever that declared income is, you should pay the agreed taxation on.

It is almost an argument for more taxation on what people spend but unfortunately that can make it extremely difficult for those on lower earnings.

There is something morally reprehensible about the accumulation of money while avoiding contributing to society. It does seem that this acute level of avarice becomes more intense the more that an individual has. I struggle to understand the rationale behind such thought processes. If you have a disposable income (after tax) of $500,000 per annum why would you be concerned about the amount of tax you pay?

There is another end to this argument. There is a small minority who do not earn. And I am fully aware that there are an element within that minority who have real reasons and difficulties in finding work. But there is an element for whom not working and living off the state is a way of life.

It is only my opinion but if you, rich or poor, are not willing to contribute to the society, that you live within then you should not be allowed the opportunity to influence how that society will function. Take away their right to vote.

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