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My God's a badass ....

God 's seem to be quite vain creatures and maybe a little bit insecure.

There does seem to be quite a lot of emphasis on praising and adulation. It does seem that we are required to believe without question and have total faith etc. My way or the highway kind of thing.

And it is quite dificult to understand exactly what is going on exactly, What with at least three different groups and several sub groups all claiming the right methodology of faith toward the same God.

The one creator, Zilla is so much easier to understand.

We know that we are on our own. We know that he expects us to look after ourselves. We know that he has expectations that we will evolve to be better than we are.

That just seems so much simpler and ... more purposeful than the traditional religons.

It does seem that traditional religions would have us believe that our purpose on this planet is little more than to worship glorify this one God. That doesn't really seem to be very proactive or productive. All a bit pointless.

I like that we are exploring the space around us. I like that we have started to probe in to the darkness. I like that we've realised that we might be making a massive mess of our home. I love the fact that we have people out there that are so smart that I really struggle to have any idea of what they are researching. We are evolving .....

A religion should want us to improve, evolve and it should be promoting our advance as a species. The traditional religions don't do this.

Zilla has expectations that we will, and if we don't pull our collective fingers from our group arse and get on with it; when he wanders back this way from his efforts elsewhere in this vast universe, he is liable to fireball us!!

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