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More from Zilla .. the 3 Suggestions

Look he's really busy and to be quite frank he's got far more interesting things to fill his day way with than the rather confused, noisy nonsense that is currently taking place on the surface of this insignificant speck in his cosmos.

But I'm pretty certain that we can surmise from what we have learn't so far what he might be suggesting to us as the probable acceptable way forward. We could hang around and wait for some kind of commandment(s) to appear, but can't imagine he's going to take the time.

Firstly. Evolve. As discussed before, it is obvious that he was not happy with those that he created in his own imagine. He gave them a fair chance but they did little more than shout very loudly, procreate and eat those around them weaker than they were. He didn't like that very much! Take this mighty fireball ..... losers.

So we need to be working at improving ourselves. Education and Learning is the key. We all need more of it and we need to value it.

Secondly. Look after the planet. We have, very recently (relatively) discovered that our bit of the cosmos is on a collision course with another part. We are also fully aware that the big light bulb in the sky has got a definite limited date life. It seems pretty clear that if 'He' has gone to the length of telling us twice, he' is (unusually) sending a message. This is important. You're pretty vulnerable; you've got nowhere else to go, so until you evolved enough to move on, look after what you've been given.

Thirdly. Reduce Conflict. The ultimate goal for our species is to survive. In order to do that we must evolve to the point where we can move on. There is an argument that historically conflict has led to innovation. However we managed to get to the moon without killing millions of innocents doing it, so maybe that argument should be behind us now. But conflict reflects a failure of communication and a lack of understanding. We will not evolve, we will not be able to improve our society effectively unless we proactively increase both communication and understanding.

Addendum. Smile. It's an interesting contradiction, and perhaps is a clear indication that He has left us to evolve on our own, that it takes more muscles to smile than it does to frown but the muscles involved in smiling are also much more developed. While clearly not a sign from Zilla; it does seem clear that smiling is more advantageous to our species than frowning. So maybe in our endeavours going forward, progress will be quicker if we all learn to take a little more time to smile while we do it.

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