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Love they neighbour unless I tell you not to...

I'm really frustrated by the current scuffles that we have within our society. And by society I do mean globally. It is much easier to use local examples but really there is a painful commonality that we share across this cosmic spec of dust.

This clip from a history website is fascinating and very thought provoking.

The United Kingdom is relatively stable. Germany seems to have an amazingly turbulent time, and at some point I must learn more of the history involved. Russia, the Balkans.... so much background behind such a short clip.

The United Kingdom's stability is deceptive. The internal strife within and our involvement in the affairs of other regions/countries, France, Spain etc, makes our association with the projected chaos greater than the clip would indicate.

But what I really think this brings home is the enormous waste of life that we have all endured for the ambitions of a small number of people. I think it would be very difficult not to agree that almost all of the conflicts represented by the flickering changes of colour in the clip, were the result of one of two reasons, (often combined).... religion and politics. And, in this instance, we will include the machinations of emperors, kings and queens under the umbrella of politics as these are 'politics' when there is no democracy.

We need to remember and fully understand just how dangerous and damaging the two can be when we consider their advice and their actions. The last four years in America should be all the reminder we need of how bad things can be, but for the slow of learning we also have the debacle of Brexit here in Europe; conflict between India and China, Venezuela .....Ultimately we need to alter, adjust and finally replace them.

I believe that we do have options. We have in place areas where communication is global. Structures within which there is mutual respect and trust. There is common language and common goals...

Trade and science.

Politics and religion have historically both tried to either control them or disable trade and science. Trade and science benefit people and peoples. They move us forward and together. You don't attack your trading partners, scientists share ideas to further their combined knowledge. It is only ever when politicians (and/or religion) takes control that we end up in dispute or strife.

To the victor the spoils!? What bollocks. The victors are only ever a tiny, tiny minority the vast majority of us always, always shoulder the burden of the effort and the damage caused in any dispute or strife.

We need to be putting as much pressure as we can on the establishment to encourage international trade and the support for education and the advancement of science.

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