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Ineffective, inefficient and expensive ....

Perhaps I'm just biased against them, but it does seem that the gaps between scandals seems to be decreasing almost faster than the scale of the actual scandals/fuck ups/embarrassments increases.

How long has this nonsense run on for now?

Every time we have something like this; or one of these idiots decides to test his eyesight by driving to Durham; or they put their garden bird-box on their expenses, we have to endure hours of unnecessary argument in the media and then, ultimately pay for some kind of review/inquiry which costs us a fortune, and changes nothing.

What is absolutely guaranteed is that the individual(s) responsible will not be held to account and their successors will not be deterred when it is their turn to fuck up.

How much time, energy and money is wasted because our politicians cannot help but be distracted from the job they are paid to do by their endeavours to further their own positions?

There has to be some fundamental changes to our political system. We cannot expect a high level of performance if there are no consequences for either failure or for being a dick. We must insist on better.

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