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I posited that making a good decision at the wrong time was a bad idea. Suggesting that it might be better to wait for the world to be in a much healthier place before Scotland should consider breaking away from the rest of the UK.

One response was interesting ......

"Scotland is a resource rich country..

We can look after ourselves perfectly well..

Financially and politically"

It is certainly a legitimate opinion and is as open to dispute as any other opinion.

Scotland has resources. Wind, water for power generation. We make whiskey... The oil industry has an expensive product, similarly with coal and steel. Our resource centered industry does not employ very many people. Our biggest employer by far is the public sector and you cannot pay off debt with internal services.

We are undoubtably just as capable as anyone else. Unfortunately leaving government to the politicians will give you the same ultimate outcome no matter where you are. Financially and politically. They will not provide an optimum solution, they have no interest in having one.

But ultimately it is avoiding the pressing point. The global economy is on its knees. It is going to take time to recover. The most developed countries with the strongest economies will recover from this much much faster than the smaller nations.

It has fuck all to do with politicians and their politics. It has to do with trade ....

Being a significant part of the seventh largest economy is the best possible option in the immediate future..... (3-5 years)

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