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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Prior to our current system, the country was run through the monarchy. Beneath them was a hirearchy of earls, lords, barons etc. The country did pretty well, all things considered.

It should be kept firmly in mind that the population is a lot, lot bigger now.

The control of the country was, over a period of time, handed over to parliament to look after the country on behalf of the people. Which is a very nice idea. And, as mentioned before, the country has done pretty well with the existing sytem. I think it is important and that it should be recognised that our system of government is pretty good.

But everything can and should be improved and developed.

Perhaps, because the transistion from monarchy to parliament was very much a transfer of power, there has always been a significant element of 'power' to be had within the system. This is to an extent inevitable. The people pulling the strings will wield a degree of power. The problem comes when the desire for power and control becomes the over reason that individuals pursue a career in politics.

The society that we live in is much larger and significantly more varied and complex than it ever has been before. With all this significant diversity it is amazing that a political party system based on what came out of the down fall of a monarchy that had been around for such a long time still works at all.

Currently the conflict that comes from individuals pursuing personal gain through a system that is bipolar in its structure, is hindering to the point of halting our development as a nation.

I'd argue that we would benefit from a dramatic revision to the political system. Any population can be represented by a bell curve and the majority of us are within two standard deviations of the centre, whatever the measurement. This is a simple principle of any population. Having the country governed by one end of the other of any political spectrum is non-sensical and more importantly a vastly over simplification of what we need.

We should be choosing people, individuals that we want to represent us, in a pyramid structure. Choosing the leadership within that cohort of representation. That leadership should be working with a management team chosen by and from the cohort of representation.

The goals should be small in number, medium and long term and set by the consensus of the management team. The objectives that they set to achieve those goals need to have tangible and objective measures.

The performance of the leadership and the management team should be measured against the progress towards the objectives and their renumeration should reflect that.

This might be argued to be an approximation of proportional representation but it needs to be beyond that. The party system has too many separate agendas that do not reflect the wishes and hopes of the vast majority of the population.

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