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If we had another option...

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The current system of government is pretty good. It has served us pretty well for some time. I'm just concerned that we're not developing it further, or if we are the process is very, very slow.

The two main parties are stuck in a process that seems to be ensuring that they will drive each other to the extremes of their individual doctrines. Both parties tending away from the centre. The third party is just too wishy washy and too rudderless to really be an option.

So the good people of this United Kingdom are left with a very limited choice, none of which is really very positive and the two main choices are increasingly divisive.

Would it be that difficult to provide a real alternative?

You need about a million supporters to get a voice and about fourteen million to take control. At first glance these numbers looking pretty daunting but with social media and the speed of communication available to us all it is perfectly achievable.

Would it not be possible to seek out, promote and advance a small group of talented, well meaning individuals to represent us from those amongst us? I'm absolutely convinced that there are a great many individuals among us who would do an amazing job of running the country for us. The main reasons that they are not doing it are that they are currently gainfully employed elsewhere and that they don't want/desire/need to be politicians. Which is probably exactly the kind of people we actually want.

Would we not need a manifesto? With the right group of people they would not take too long to put something together that would be centered on a slow, steady, purposeful improvement on what we have, for us all.

I just have one small doubt. One small niggle; I can't help but think that you'd need a leader.

Nigel Farage managed to generate enough discussion and coverage and impetus that it caused the country to make one of its biggest decisions of a generation. Imagine what could be achieved by a group of well motivated and morally healthy individuals that was striving for something meaningful and structured.

Who are the right people and where is the leader we need?

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