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I don't know the answer, but I'd be very interested to see some analysis

I have been lambasting politicians about their decisions. And I've critised their ability to make decisions that are motivated toward the right/best path forward as they are too intent on their own agenda.

But I wonder if perhaps I'm being too kind.

My question is. The UK has one of the largest economies in the world, how much of that success is actually down to the decisions of our politicians?

There is a lot of history involved, but I'd argue that the root cause of our success is, largely down to geography. Perhaps America's success is similar. Isolated from elsewhere so easier to defend; resources aplenty and a reliance on immigration for population growth and diversity. Unlike America we also had the benefit of numerous invasions bringing, and leaving, culture, technology and trade.

We've not had politicians for most of our history and I do wonder just how much they have actually achieved.

I completely accept that we need legislation and laws, but I'm not so sure that they really add very much to our direction.

(Note that political decisions reside in the upper left (low agreement/high certainty sector of the diagram.)

I can't think of any decision that any government has made since I started working that was beneficial to a business that I was involved in. Businesses seem to have been successful despite the political environment rather than because of them.

I'm quite convinced that with the current debacle over the breakaway from the EU, that the UK ecconomy is well behind where it should be. We've been held back by the uncertainty. And, to a great extent, we don't really care what the outcome is... we just want it agreed so that we can get on with 'business as usual'. (Whatever the new 'usual' is.)

I maintain and am increasingly convinced that our bipartisan politics is just not suitable for the government of the society that we have. We need something that is much closer to a 'management' style of government that is set objectives and goals and can (and is) held accountable.

When neither option is right we need to find or create another .....

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