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Having a penis doesn't make me a sexist

I can not, will not accept that people are the same.

The 'feminist' argument, at times, seems to find it very easy to slip into painting everything with a penis as in some way evil and malign. There does seem to be an element which feels that male indoctrination into misogyny is part and and parcel of each and every young boy's upbringing.

This is just so destructive and is another case of the extremes of activism being counter productive.

Women and men are not equal. The two genders are physically different in numerous simple, and many more complicated ways. The differences are so fundamental that it is pointless to enumerate any of them. To try and expound that we should consider that men and women are equally as capable at anything is just asinine.

And like so much of the equality argument the refusal to acknowledge the complexity of the variety and the depth of those differences is to ignore a great deal of opportunity for ourselves as a society.

I am completely in agreement that equality of opportunity should be promoted in most cases. And I would not want the question of gender to be raised in any discussion over who might be the best person for.a position within the workplace or within any other structured group within our society.

But this idea that we should introduce legislation to ensure that there is a minimum representation of women on the boards of major companies, or within school management structure, or within government... to me, is an necessary limitation on our progress as a society simply to placate a number of critics.

Why is there no push for better representation among, firefighters, waste collection, farming, fishing, builders, carpenters, plumbers .... .... ..

Women are so much better at so many things. Undeniable. And in some businesses it is undoubtable that an increased input from women does enhance productivity. We should be promoting these successes, these advantages. We should be allowed an open discussion about the merits of the different genders and be looking to exploit them to the full benefit of our society. But we can't do this if are insisting that we are all exactly the same.

The importance of women within our society is paramount. Their role is arguable far more fundamentally vital than that of men. I think there was good reason that when the ship sinks the rule is 'women and children first'.

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