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Hats with bells and pointy shoes .....

I'm struck by how readily we pay vast amounts of money to those that entertain us.

Two examples

Some of our highest earners are the 'presenters' of regular TV shows. They are very popular, that can not be disputed. But they don't really have any particular talent that is not replicated in bars and at dinner tables throughout the world. They are rarely raconteurs in their own right.

And I find it difficult to imagine that there is not a very long queue of people who would very happily step into those roles. And there will be, dotted along that queue, many with just as much, even more, talent.

And why do we have these media presenters that carry on well past the retirement age? Should we not be encouraging younger talent? Should those that have enjoyed success not be asked to step aside?

Secondly is the professional footballer. I do not for one minute dispute that they are very, very skillful and talented individuals. But if you were to cut their wages by 75% across the board, what would they do?

Yes there is an element of competition and a culture if we do not pay someone else will, but surely at some point there has to be question of the relative value of the service provided.

I would imagine that there is a considerable element within these industries of supporting these ridiculous levels of income as it justifies the surrounding machinery of the businesses also demanding numbers in line with their icons.

Jesters and fools of court played for the spare change of those they entertained. Entertainment has moved to an entirely different part of society, to the point where they are viewed in a very similar way to that of Lords and Ladies of historical times.

There are similar comments that could be made about politicians. Considering the total lack of repercussion for anything that they might say or do, it feels wrong that they can continue to demand such high earnings. They talk about responsibilty but there is not responsibility if all the consequences are other people's burden.

It may well just be part of the way life is, but it just seems .... wrong.

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