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Government by majority is not effective..

The question is; is this current system the best that we can come up with?

It has been pretty good really. All things considered. But almost everything that means anything has adapted, adjusted and improved over time. Our political process seems to like to be an exception to this.

There is always a little bit of 'well if ain't broke don't fix it' and 'the alternatives don't or won't work', which is understandable but I think that currently what we have suits those in charge of the process and they'd be reluctant to change.

In the real world outside of politics, most groups small or large work by consensus. Consensus works far better than majority because even those that don't quite agree will see that a decision or choice is the right one even if there are reservations.

The problem with the majority government is that half of the country does not agree with what is being undertaken at any time. And, in the worst instances when that half takes over the reins they spend way too much time and energy taking apart what has been done. The ultimate example being the Trump/Obama debacle.

There are some areas of our society where we really would be far better with a continuity of process and progress. Unfortunately these are precisely the areas that politicians like to use as their battle grounds. Education, health and policing. A child spends about 13 years in education. It is arguably the most important aspect of allowing any individual the best possible start in life. Unfortunately, depending on when you are born in to the election cycle you could have three changes of 'what is best for you' during that time. It is ineffective, inefficient, and plain unfair.

As a first step to more positive type of government it would make far more sense if these critical areas of our society had policy and strategy set by cross party committees that could set short, medium and long term goals. Currently the last two are impossible. If we did have clear and well thought out goals we would be able to produce both structured objectives towards these goals and a realistic timeline.

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