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Gestational Parent?! That is Doubleplus Shite!!

I really don't mind people having an opinion. It is good and it is to be encouraged.

When I was young I was bullied. My size, my intellect, my lack of interest in sport ... and later my hair, my skin pigmentation and my accent.

As you get older you get to a point when you will not accept the bullying anymore. It becomes intolerable.

As a teacher I worked at schools that had a 'zero tolerance' for bullying. I am absolutely committed to that bandwagon. Bullying is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it.

I've been married a long time. My wife and I have worked hard both to become parents and to be parents. As all parents will know it is an absolute and total commitment that you put your heart and sole into. We've worked hard to be a mother and a father.

There are thousands and thousands of us parents who define ourselves as mothers and as fathers. We are one of generation after generation who have done so; and are proud to be mothers and fathers.

I'm being told what words to use, I'm being told that the words I use are not acceptable. I actually read 1984, this is not a good thing.... Being told to do something nonsensical when you don't want to is just a type of emotional bullying. Just like when you're at school and the bully wants you to conform to their stupidity against the threat of violence. It is just not acceptable.

I don't care what the argument might be and I don't care how upset or offended you might be. We are not going to change the terms mother and father.

I'm a total pacifist. There is nothing achieved by violence.

However, you want me to give up 'father', well that is flat out bullying. So the response is the same, 'you want it, ....make me.' Because I'm not going to back down.

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