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Feed the little children ....

There is a resolution coming out of one bunch of politicians. They are promising that if they get in to power at the next election they will provide breakfast and lunch to every primary school child throughout the year.

I firmly believe that children are the number one concern for all of us. They are our future and all that we are doing now should be to make sure that their future is as good as it can be.

Having said that I am uncomfortable with this resolution for a number of different reasons.

Firstly there is the 'if' qualification. Should they not be saying that it is something that they will be fighting for even if they lose? Or, if it is so important, why not do it now?

And then there is the part about 'them providing breakfast and lunch'. Well no, the intent is that they spend tax revenue on providing vouchers that will be availaible for parents to use to buy food for their children. There are so many questions/issues over that.

My wife and I always had the wherewithal and the motivation to ensure that our children always had healthy diet. And we are with the majority. Most of the vouchers distributed are just not needed.

It is a completely untargeted response!!

One of the biggest (vast) problems that Scotland faces currently is that we are the fattest nation in Europe. This problem is a particular problem with those on a lower income. How can the solution be one that provides more access to food?

I don't think this is a solution. I don't even think this is a band aid for the problem. I think this is nothing more than another political sound bite, there because politicians are just not capable and do not have the right skill set to tackle the issues that we have within society today.

The problem is real, complex and is partly exacerbated by the massive divisions that we have within our society. We will not be able to provide a path toward a better future until we acknowledge the divisions and put a system in place that is capable of finding and instigating solutions.

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