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Euler ....there must be modern day equivalents

Leonhard Euler 18th Century was a favourite of the court of Peter/Catherine the Great, but he was Swiss.

There wasn't really room for him in Switzerland because they had the Bernoulli family. He walked to St Petersburg .......

Much of the notation used by mathematicians today – including e, i, f(x), ∑, and the use of a, b and c as constants and x, y and z as unknowns – was either created, popularized or standardized by Euler. His efforts to standardize these and other symbols (including π and the trigonometric functions) helped to internationalize mathematics and to encourage collaboration on problems.

There were far less people on the planet in the 18th Century yet countries squabbled over having the best scientists and great minds to advise them.

With so many of us on this spec of dust there must be many, many great minds out there. I don't think we are making enough of them. And, we certainly do not appreciate them nearly enough.

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