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Doing the right thing at the wrong time is either incompetent or done for the wrong reasons .....

Imagine that you intend changing the ownership of something. Perhaps selling a car or a house. If you want to get the best possible deal then how you approach this is dependent on the current market.

If the market is going well with demand high and a restricted supply then you get that property out in to the market and let the buyers squabble over it.

If the market is depressed then you need a completely different approach. The ideal is a private sale where you exclude as much possible competition as is possible and where you can use your personal influence/charisma to affect the outcome.

This is not rocket science, everyone who negotiates regularly understands this concept.

Which gives all of us in the Uk who live anywhere north of the concrete cows a real cause for concern.

Why are the Nationalists so set on a second independence referendum when, were it to be a vote to leave, it could not possibly be at a more inopportune time within the global markets.

We need to be far more aware of the world around us. It is a competitive world out there. Currently every single country out there is having a tough time. There is record debt everywhere. Political systems are struggling because they are hopelessly out of their depth. Unemployment is at a monstrous level. Countless small businesses have gone under. There is no one out there who is not in a similar position.

So why would anyone think that it would be a good idea to openly negotiate your way in to the market place now. Every one of your competitors is going to be in an uber protectionist mode. As the new kid on the block with no track record your are not even going to be in the same queue as the main players.

Our (the people within the UK) quickest way back from this current mess will to be as a proactive part of the seventh largest economy in the world. That is not even disputable. It is just common sense.

Those that would charge on towards independence regardless can only have another agenda. An agenda far more focused on their own position than the right thing for the rest of us.

Historically when you have changes in power, it is the 'people' that bear the cost and the burden. We never win in this kind of conflict. The cost is heavy and we will carry the burden for an extended period. Those who are actually in power will earn more and we will have to pay for them to expand their 'office' within the new structure. They will prosper. We will have more politicians to pay for who will continue to make largely unnecessary and often pointless legislation.

After ten years we would have a separate country with its own right wing party and its own left wing party, maybe some others too. And they will still be looking to ensure that we only ever vote on the basis of the colour of their tie. We would spend ten years stumbling along behind the peloton of our competitors as they steam ahead, and the vast majority of us will have no benefit whatsoever.

Note : Why the comment about the North of England? If Scotland leaves the right wing will hold the majority in the rest of the UK basically unchallenged for at least the following decade. The Scottish people controlled the face of politics within Westminster for decades as the left needed Scotland to swing the balance of power their way. The nationalist have abandoned their fellow socialists. Left them to their own devices.

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