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Choosing my religion

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a virtual world, here, now, online. It doesn't matter who or what you are .You can be what you want to be or even better what you might aspire to be. Oasis.1.0 ?

I'm not a massive fan of religions. It is far too easy to find fault in them. Any of them, all of them.

And the purpose of this blog is to offer alternative. So as there are strong and established arguments that religions are the product of our human imaginations sought out as a comfort for a need for support, solace and explanation ... I'm going to offer an alternative.

I'll start with evidence. Bones. Dug up, analysed and dated. These are the remains of the original followers of the creator. Those that he created in his own image. A truly powerful, top of the food chain like character that would properly reflect, (in a very small way) the creator of the universe around us.

No doubt in other galaxies on other planets the creator will have, as similar creations, beings, edifices and tableaus that he has included in the mosaic of those particular planets that reflect him in a similar but infinitely varied variety.

Editor's note: I keep saying 'he', but obviously a creator is way better than us humans and has a totally 'uber' gender that is just too complex for us mere mortals to comprehend.

So what happened? Now we get to a story line, the creator, (can I just call him God for now?) had pretty much left this alpha being in charge of things while he got on with fiddling with other little projects he had going on all over the Universe that he was hard at work putting together. It's pretty easy to understand that with a project that size there are bound to be bits that kind of get left to the side for a while.

Anyway, a long, long time later God has a finger clicking moment and casts his eye back over that project from way back when. He's a bit irritated to be honest. He's given this hard as nails predator all the advantages over its environment and all it has done over millions of years is wander around killing stuff, roaring and looking intimidating.

So he waves an omnipotent hand and sends a fireball from the surrounding cosmos to wipe out the blemish on his reputation. Having a lot of other things on the go he decides that he'll just leave what is left of that little project as it is and hope that over time that it will develop into something more interesting.

He's hoping that what might develop over the coming millennia would grow to understand the enormous complexity of the vastness of the creator's universe and so know the splendour of his majesty.

The creation that He was represented through on this earth for such a verifiably long period of time was a flop. Great idea, kind of fun in a way, was a very powerful entity but it did not learn, did not develop and it would not adapt as it had no need.

We who have evolved from what was left after this representation of the creator was removed from the planet (could we call that sacrificed?) need to learn from this example.

So at this point we know God created the universe, it is a very long term, very large scale and growing project and, that as it's creator ... he's pretty busy. But, for the vast majority of the time we, like a multitude of other projects, are left to develop on our own.

The other thing that we do know, again verifiably through the ancient archaeological record, if he comes back and he's not happy with our efforts he can be pretty brutal in his dismissal.

So great is this creator, that we all already know of him... the God.... Zilla.

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