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Any excuse to be miserable ...

During the second world war, eighteen shipyards in the United States were building freighters for the war effort, at a rate of three ships every two days..... Yes, they were simple, yes they had a five year life expectancy..... there was a few still trading in the late 70s just for reference. It was a massive effort by the thousands of people involved.

Three ships every two days.... currently a ship takes about 18 months to build.

When we have necessity behind us, the will to achieve comes to the fore.

This current hesitation to believe the speed of accreditation of the COVID19 vaccine on the basis of 'they can't do it that quick normally so they must have cheated', is just such counterproductive nonsense and the media should be ashamed for giving it any credence.

The process of approval normally follows the production of a new vaccine or medicine. The approval process was done in parallel for these vaccines.

I had to get building approval a couple of years ago. It took nearly a year to get. People on holiday; the right person being in a meeting; one person not available because of a backlog... yada yada yada. The process of approval for these vaccines was at the top of the list for everybody involved.

We should not be suspicious. We should not be doubtful. We should be happy, grateful and filled with admiration for those dedicated individuals involved.

It is thoroughly reassurring that we do have smart people doing the right things.

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