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An Independent Scotland ..had away an' shite

The SNP want another referendum. This is extremely devisive for our country and will continue to hold back the development of our nation. Unfortunately with the current political set up, the Scottish people have no other 'real' option.

The Labour party is not strong enough, not vocal enough and lacking in leadership. The Conservatives, are seen as London/Upper Class, and therefore not to be considered no matter what. Irrational, maybe but unfortunately we are not going to change that attitude and that is a problem for the Conservative party to address not for the people of Scotland.

The country needs an alternative. A party that is Scotland centric without the mandate for independence. There are good people within the system but they need to form a new team. All it needs is a first step. It needs one good Scot to step forward and lead the way, and for those good people within the system to have the courage to follow.

The Scottish people need a platform that is for them and for their future, without the devisive destructive threat of breaking away from our main business partner.

Take the best of the conservative policies, mix in some of the better labour ideas, chuck in some green aspects and blend the whole thing together on top of the foundation of the stoic, hard working realism that makes us Scottish.

I would not exclude an independent Scotland. I would happily support it if it was under a general concensus that it was the right thing to do. But it is not, so put it on the back burner and let's concentrate on developing and improving our future.

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