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A partner is for your life not for anyone elses...

Having a life partner is advantageous. It is a positive thing.

In a time when we have an acceptance that their are alternative options to the simple and most prolific hetrosexual set up, it does make the idea of arranged marriages even more abhorrant than they already are.

I do appreciate that individuals have every right to follow a chosen religeous doctrine, and to follow what ever rules that that might include. I also realise that there are hue difficulties in this modern society of finding partners.

But it strikes me as immensely sad that there must be innumerable individuals who are entering in to life time partnerships in which they are partnered with someone who is sexually non-compatible with them, and the only reasons are based on a religeous doctrine.

Surely our society should be well passed this?

As a 'follower' of the one great Creator, Zilla, the thinking on partnerships would be along the following lines. We need to evolve, we need to provide a better place for children. Therefore our life partner needs to be someone who can support both our and our children's (no stipulation that you have to make them, there are plenty in our society that need support) development over time. Within that there is no obligation to any particular mixing.

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