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A nation without borders?

In February 1692 there was a famous massacre in Glencoe. Apparently about 30 people died. It was an awful long time ago but it is amazing that there is still animosity towards the Campbells....

The violence caused by sectarianism within Scotland is the stuff of legend. I could sing all the words to the 'Sash' at about ten years old and I can honestly say I had no idea at all what its significance was.....

In the battle of Towton in 1461 it is thought that as many as 28,000 men may have died. One of the more famous battles of the War of the Roses, a war which lasted for thirty years and still rumbles on in attitudes in the North of England....

Politics loves to divide us. And these, created divisions, almost always out last their relevance. A divided people are easy to rule, but it is all so horribly unnecessary and counter-productive.

Brexiteers vs Remainers

Unionist vs Sepratists

North vs South

Everyone vs The English

Woke vs Anyone over the age of 30

BLM vs 18th century sculptors

The list goes on ......

At the moment we have rules for 'tiers' and 'levels' based on county boundaries and COVID19 legislation based on the national borders.

For the life of me I cannot see the relevance of any of these arbitrary lines of division within our modern society. History is important but we need a more pragmatic understanding of the very limited relevance of these boundaries, and we most certainly should not be making decisions based on them.

When we have something as indiscriminate as COVID19 we need unity of response. We just have far, far too many individuals who are currently motivated by their own little sphere of influence than by pursuing the best possible outcome for all of us.

It is time for a change... An Alliance for a Better Britain.

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