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Why are we so keen to bend the knee ...

We should be under no illusion that we are in anything other than the same situation as our ancestors have been in for,... well,.... forever.

There are those that have and those that have not. Those that have power will do all that they can to retain that power. Those that have the power will ensure that any cost or burden is carried by the masses rather than themselves.

In the last couple of decades international communication has seen incredible advances. You can, pretty much, talk to anyone on the planet from wherever you happen to be, if you have the right digits to type in your phone. Almost anyone can access a mass audience from that same phone.

Almost every aspect of out lives has become more international.

This is not good for the traditional power structures. Politicians need division to keep control and to warrant their existence. The 'people' talking to each other, communicating, trading and generally getting on with life without their intervention undermines their position.

The current systems of government were born of strife between lords, barons, bishops and kings. They need and create strife. People don't create conflict, you need politicians for that.

I don't understand why so many seem so keen to be servile to those that want to run our lives. They don't produce anything. They are motivated by pressures from the big businesses, the banks and the institutions that benefit from legislation that ultimately 'tweaks' trade in their favour, it is rarely, if ever, for any immediate benefit for the 'people'.

We should be looking for our own John Snow. We need to identify and promote good people who are not affiliated to any corporation or entity and that are only motivated by doing the right thing for us all. Find individuals to follow rather than to bend the knee to.

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