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Reversing evolution... ...

Levels of obesity in the western world are rising continuously. Obesity, sadly has become a problem almost exclusively of those on a lower income.

At the same time it does seem that expectations for education are dropping rapidly.

It is concerning here in the UK that our media is content with presenters that are extremely affable and arguably ticking required boxes but at the expense of intellect or experience.

The highest earners in the United States in 2020 were apparently two members of the same family who's contribution to humanity is questionable.

Incidents of asthama and allergies appear to be ever increasing.

The dementia like conditions of the old are concerning. Are they more evident ?

Those individuals of a higher IQ, better education and a more affluent upbringing tend to breed later in life and produce fewer off spring.

The population is growing exponentially ........

But as a species, in the developed parts of the world, we do appear to be producing an ever increasing proportion that is not thriving as well as their parents.

It seems that we are heading towards a global society in which we have; a third world in poverty, and second world in the developed countries of less educated demotivated masses; and a very, very small 'elite'.

As this 'elite' has almost all of the control currently, they are the ones that need to be pressured in to developing morals that allows them to see past their own front doorstep and realise just how much of a disaster is looming for our species.

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