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Responsibility ... not everyone is Spidey

In business, well most business, if you take on a position of power within a company it will come with responsibility. Renumeration normally reflects this.

With that responsibility comes consequences. Things happen based on your decisions. if you make good decisions there is progress and value is added. If you make average or poor decisions then progress is diminished and value if reduced.

And very importantly, if you get it wrong the consequences can come back to you. The responsibility can be taken away from you. You can be removed from the position of power.

The exception to this seems to be the public sector where it doesn't seem to matter how far out of budget a project might be; or how much of a disaster might put in place by the incoherent thoughts and decsion of a politician.. there seems to be no consequences for them. This is just wrong.

For a politician it would seem that if you get it right you get a knighthood, if you totally fuck it up.. a CBE

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