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Redraw the lines ...

If a small group of friends or colleagues was deciding on where to eat for the evening, there would be a decision made based on a concensus. Those that didn't really want that particular choice would go along with the majority.... Ultimately it is the best option for everyone.

Politics, or rather the decisions made for all of us should work in the same way.

Unfortunately; partly because of the stupid questions asked; partly because of the ambitions of those involved; we have important decisions often based on the slimmest of margins. Decisions are becoming increasingly devisive. There is an ever increasing discontent and resentment within our society

Our voting system is based on boundaries drawn up a very long time ago. Lines that really have no relevance today. Lines that the encumbents don't want to change as it would almost certainly diminish their control.

And a voting system that only really ever supports a minority of the population. I've never been a fan of proportional representation, but you can not deny the figures.

One of our deep rooted problems is that the system that we do have in the UK is too open to manipulation. The idea of a safe seat is just so dangerous. In the united States you can get in to office if you have enough money. If you want a seat in Westminster all you need are friends in the party to put you up for a safe seat.

There needs to be some significant thought put in to our political system. It is too devisive, too easy to manipulate and does not represent the population even losely. Just one figure from the above table. The winners have 56% of the seats and can make any decision they wish based on 43.6% of the vote...... that is simply not fair.

I would love to be in a position to present a solution. I am not. I think there needs to be an alternative party, I've said this repeatedly. But beyond that we really do need to have a shake up within the system as we are on a very, very slippery slope towards a system that not only has a limited value but is actually counter productive.

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